These are some comments from people who have used Essentially Strong blends:

“The cream is so fantastic. I used it and within 20 minutes I felt so much better and my nose stopped running. You have to put this on the market. It is amazing.” (The Pressure’s Off)

“Thank you so much for the oil; it works wonders & fast!” (Moving Easier 10%)

“It is a very calming aroma, and it seems most effective when I wake in the middle of the night. Smelling it then seems to trigger a short term memory of a few hours earlier when I fell asleep.” (Joan’s Starry Night)

“Cathy- the blend is a miracle!” (Moving Easier 10%)

“I’ve also shared it with my daughter. We both like it. I still have a little left and use it most nights. Thanks!” (Relaxing Sleep)

“Dear Cathy Mitchell,

A couple of weeks ago, I was experiencing some of the worst pain I’d had in my right hand since an injury I suffered from in April 1996.

While working at my desk, my hand cramped so bad, I couldn’t finish typing my report. I went home and took some oral pain meds, wrapped my hand in a heat wrap, got up the next morning and still NO RELIEF.

A co-worker could see the pain I was in and went and asked another co-worker if she would massage my hand. She pulled out this little miracle bottle of “Pain/Inflammation Blend – Moving Easier” and began to gently massage my hand.

The palm of my hand had been burning and it was as red as fire; it had been itching so bad, I wanted to literally cut it open to scratch; it had been swollen for almost 2 weeks and the pain had gotten so severe, it was going up my arm, across my shoulder, down my back to the back of my legs, which made it feel as though my clothes were touching flesh, which triggered another whole kind of unexplainable pain. My arm felt like it was incased in a block of ice. I couldn’t even stand for the air to touch my hand. The air made it feel like a blow torch was shooting from my finger tips! My equilibrium was so off, I was actually stumbling. My co-worker’s touch was so gentle. She poured a few drops of the “Pain/Inflammation Blend – Moving Easier” into her hand and began massaging by hand. Within 10 minutes the itching STOPPED. Ten minutes after that the tingling and fire that I felt shooting from my fingers STOPPED! The thumping STOPPED! I was able to go back to my desk and complete my assignments without feeling like I was about to fall out from the pain. I went home that evening for the 1st time in two weeks without stumbling around. By the time I woke up the next morning all of the swelling was gone. The redness was gone, THE PAIN WAS GONE!!!

This blend was put on my hand Thursday, May 21 and I reapplied it to myself the following day and today is Thursday, June 11, 2015 and I haven’t experienced that pain since that day nor have I had to reply it since!

I was even able on Friday, May 22 to apply it to my sister’s hands who is a Hair Stylist and has carpel tunnel & was wearing a brace on both her hands. That evening she experienced such relief, she was able to take the braces off.

On Monday, June 8, I had a appointment with my Hand Specialist (Surgeon) who told me that I had a bone spur and I was going to have to have the bone fused back together and that is what was causing that pain I had experienced.

Well, I just want to let you know, that even though that is the situation, because I saw it for myself, I still have not experienced the pain I should still be in since I was blessed to receive that massage with that “Pain/Inflammation Blend”!

Thank you for allowing your gift to be a healing source to many!!!” -Marjorie S. (A stronger “Margie’s Moving Easier 20%” blend was created to give Margie a bit more pain relief & she has used this since.)