Welcome to Essentially Strong, a business founded by a dream and built by many, many answered prayers!

Cathy Mitchell

Owners Bio

After majoring in business, earning my nursing degree, and working in several different nursing positions, I was given the opportunity to become certified in clinical aromatherapy through my current position at Montgomery Hospice in Rockville, MD.

Along with two other co-worker aromatherapists, we developed blends for our patients, and gradually I began making blends for my coworkers, as well as friends, and family! Subsequently, I received such an overwhelming positive response from my personal customized blends that I was encouraged to grow my network and start a business. Thus—the creation of Essentially Strong!

As a note – Joan’s Starry Night was created by one of my co-worker aromatherapists. She is excited that Essentially Strong will be promoting and selling her blend. Some blends are named after the people for whom they were created. When I create a blend that is very effective for a particular person and others – I will be naming the blend after that person – with their permission.

I give all credits to God for the successes that have made this business possible. I pray for guidance as I create a blend, and pray that the blend will increase the quality of the person’s life in a wonderful way.

Each blend is made from 100% organic essential oils and blending oils, and the white lotion base is paraben-free. All of the blends listed for sale have been tested and proven helpful. Look through the products and see if there’s a blend that fits your need. If not, I can custom blend for particular needs. If the first custom blend is not successful – one more blend will be sent for trial.

I have just partnered with Gadoi, to sell some of their essential oils and hydrosols. These come from Italy and are wonderful! They are Certified Organic & Locally Produced. Marco Valussi (Technical Director) and Martin Hawlik (Commercial Manager) have worked with me to make this happen. Gadoi means organic aromatic products distilled from top quality local plants from a controlled production chain in the mountains of Italy. Please read over their brochure to get to know Gadoi more!

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like a custom blend for a particular symptom or problem. I’d love to hear from you!

Very Warmly,
Cathy Mitchell RN, BA, BSN, IAC

NOTE: Since essential oils have not been FDA approved for any physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual effects – any statements that are mentioned with the blends have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

Essential Oils – Gadoi (Italy) Brochure